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Leffe blonde 30 LTR

Leffe blonde 30 LTR is available for order at The Drinkery, Londonderry NH. A One Sixth Barrel Keg contains approximately 2.1 12oz Cases, 55-60 12oz servings.

Leffe blonde Keg Pricing

Leffe blonde 30 LTR 's pricing: PLEASE CALL US for up-to-date pricing and availability as our distributors change both regularly!. Keg's have a $50.00 deposit fee on the barrel, and $50 deposit fee on a picnic pump (if you do not have a kegerator, you need one). All Leffe blonde 30 LTR 's ordered through The Drinkery get our FREE party pack, which includes 25 Solo cups, a Sharpie (for your name!), ping pong ball (beer pong) and party game instructions!

Leffe blonde Keg Orders

Leffe blonde kegs are not ALWAYS in stock, so PLEASE contact us at least one week before you need your Leffe blonde keg to ensure availability. We do however carry a select number of brands and sizes during our summer season.

If you are interested in purchasing Leffe blondekegs from from us, or would like an alternative keg/beer we carry, please contact us and we'd be happy to help!

How Much Beer Do I Need?

In our...professional experience, your average party-keg drinker will consume between 3-4 cups of beer. Party sizes of around 20 people (beer drinkers) will consume a 1/6 barrel or 1/4 barrel keg. Parties up to 55 (beer drinkers) people will consume approximately one 1/2 barrel keg. If you will be playing games such as beer pong, you should count on 2.5-3 beers to be consumed for game play.

All Information provided is made to beas accurate as possible at the time it is displayed. Please contact us for the most updated pricing information and availability. Proper ID is required for all keg purchases. Purchaser must be 21 years or older.